Seeing the Doctor or Nurse

To book an Appointment:
  • Speak  to a receptionist at the surgery or on the phone during opening hours.
  • Through Patient Partner you can book ten minute, face to face consultations with the doctor, but not the nurse, at any time.  To do this you will need your date of birth and telephone number.
  • Through SystmOnline you can book face to face appointments with the doctor, but not the nurse, at any time.  To do this you will need to come into the surgery and register for a user name and password.

General Appointment Times: The Albany Practice offers bookable appointments with doctors and nurses throughout the day Monday to Friday. We also offer later appointments on a Thursday evening between 18:30 and 19:30.  These are covered by all the partners on a rota and normally have a nurse available also. Details about when appointments are bookable are shown in the table below.

Appointment System:  Patient feedback has told us that some of you have found it difficult to make appointments at the surgery especially with the doctor of your choice. Over the years we have tried many different ways of improving the situation. We are increasingly using telephone consultations which many people find more convenient than coming to see their doctor at the surgery. We regularly monitor the wait for doctor and nurse appointments and fit in extra surgeries when needed.

Currently appointments become available daily and there are slots that can be booked on the same day, in two working days and up to three weeks in advance.

If your problem is urgent and you feel you need to be seen or speak to a doctor the same day please tell reception and they will arrange for duty doctor to call you back; they will then arrange to see you if necessary. If you have difficulty getting an appointment to see the doctor of your choice or cannot wait until the next available appointment please ask to speak to the duty doctor.

When you are making an appointment to see or speak to the doctor or nurse, the receptionist will ask you for a brief reason for the appointment. This helps them to make the correct appointment or to advise you that you do not need a face to face appointment saving your time and leaving face to face appointments for other patients. It may also be that you need a double appointment to deal with your issue and with the nurses the time needed varies according to the treatment that you will be having. Please note that the receptionists are not making clinical decisions but are following instructions from the partners about how they need issues dealt with to give the patients the best service that they can.

Bookable Telephone Slots:  All the doctors have some bookable telephone slots when the doctor will phone you back in a certain time frame on a certain day and this may be the best thing for you.

Messages for Doctors:  The receptionist may offer to leave a message for your doctor but, unless urgent, he or she cannot guarantee to respond the same day.

Continuity of Care: All patients have a named GP. Who is responsible for coordinating your care, but will not necessarily always be the person you

  • If you are not sure who your GP is, ask a receptionist.
  • You can ask to see the GP of your choice and can ask for your named GP to be changed.
  • If your GP of choice is not be available and you will need to speak to or see the duty doctor, another Albany Practice GP or a locum.
  • It is best if the doctor who orders tests will be the person to discuss results with you.
  • If the doctors specifically asks you to come back for a follow up after a certain length of time, please make the appointments as you leave the surgery.  That way it is easier to ensure that you get an appointment with that doctor at the right time.

Appointment length and waiting time in the surgery:  Whilst the doctors endeavour to see patients on time this depends on the patients’ needs in the appointments before yours.  The appointment time with a doctor is standardly ten minutes unless a special appointment has been booked and if the doctor cannot handle everything that day they may ask you to rebook but even so some patients take more than the allocated time.  We endeavour to warn patients when they arrive if they are likely to be kept waiting more than twenty minutes and will often call patients to tell them to come in later if there is time to do so and the delay of more than half an hour

Late arrival:  Although we appreciate that you may not be seen on time it is important that you arrive at the time your appointment is booked.  If you arrive ten minutes or more late the doctor may either say that you have to rebook or be willing to see you if you wait, often until the end of the clinic. Let us know if you are unavoidable delayed and we may be able to rearrange things by calling another patient who has already arrived early and  help the clinician to still see you.

Cancelling appointments: Every month we have over fifty patients who fail to attend appointments;  that is over fifty patients who have to wait longer to see a doctor or nurse.  Please cancel any appointment that you cannot attend as soon as you know this is so. You can do this 24/7 if you have online access or by using Patient Partner on the phone.  If you have text messaging you will receive a reminder the night before and can reply CANCEL to the text.


Times Bookable Face to Face Appointments Offered







Dr Baxter

08:30-11:30 &

15:00 – 18:00


Duty Doctor All day

18:30-19:30 on rota

PM Duty Doctor on rota

Dr Bath


Duty Doctor All day

09:10 – 12:10

09:10 – 12:10 &

18:30-19:30 on rota

09:10 -12:10

PM Duty Doctor on rota

Dr Nathu

09:30 -12:10 &

PM  Duty Doctor


08:00 – 10:50

10:00 -12:40 &  18:30-19:30 on rota

AM  Duty Doctor PM:14:00 – 15:50 or Duty Doctor on Rota

Dr Verdi

AM Duty Doctor & 15:00 -18:00

08:30 – 11:20


14:30 -17:20


AM Duty Doctor &

18:30-19:30 on rota

08:30 -11:20

PM:14:30 – 17:20 or Duty Doctor on Rota

Dr Stevens


09:00 -12:30

14:30 – 18:10

09:00 -12:30



09:30 – 11:45

13:15 -15:10

08:15 – 12:45

13:15 – 15:10

09:15 – 12:30

14:00 -15:45

08:15 – 10:45

18:00 – 19:25

08:15 -12:45

Blood Tests



09:15 – 11:55


08:45 – 11:25

Duty Doctor Call Back Slots: When you are put down for a call, you will be contacted by the duty doctor as soon as they can.  They will use the information that the receptionist put on the request to prioritise the calls.  The doctor may call you in to see them that day and will give you an appointment time.  Whilst it is important that you come at that time it is possible that you will have to wait according to the urgency of call requests received before you arrive.

Special Clinics:  The Practice also runs special clinics that patients are contacted to book into.  These are usually on a Thursday afternoon or a Saturday morning.

Flu Vaccinations: At the beginning of the Flu season we run clinics specifically for flu vaccinations as well as giving the injections in normal nursing appointments or when you are seeing the doctor otherwise.

Post Natal Check-ups and Baby’s First Immunisations: These happen at between six and eight weeks and you are sent an appointment to see both the doctor and the nurse on the same day.

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